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Traditional Recipes

Why not try and do a Madeira themed evening, with delicious and unexpected dishes. Roll up your sleeves and have a nice glass of pale dry Sercial before venturing into the Madeiran cooking world.

Fried Maze (Milho Frito)
This will normally accompany the famous Espetada meat on the spit.
1 kg corn maize
2 l water; 1 tablespoon lard
½ cabbage (finely chopped)
1 handful of broadbeans; salt to taste; sprig of savoury

Add the salt, lard and savoury to the water. Add the cabbage and maize to the water while it is tepid. Mix constantly with a long wooden spoon till the mixture comes to a boil. Reduce heat and allow it to simmer, mixing occasionally. Pour the maize out into a plate.
This dish can be eaten hot, cold and fried.

Scabbard Fish with Prawns (Espada de Camarão)
2 fillets scabbard fish
1 egg; flour
1 avocado pear
Prawns or shrimps

Cut the scabbard fillets into strips, the same length and thickness as a king prawn, season well. Dip the fish in beaten egg & coat with flower, carefully place in hot oil until golden brown. Cut the avocado in half & remove the stone, spoon out the flesh & mix with mayonnaise and prawns. When avocado, prawns & mayonnaise have been mixed, spoon back into the avocado skins. Place the filled avocado and the fried scabbard on a plate, garnish with parsley and serve with sweet pepper rice.

Madeira Wine Jelly (Geleia de Vinho Madeira)
½ l Madeira Wine
½ l water
2 cups sugar
3 strips lemon peel
12 strips of gelatine

Dissolve the gelatine in "baine-marie" in a little water. Add the sugar, the lemon peel and the Madeira. Stir and allow to set.

Good luck and tell us how it went or if you have your own Madeiran recipes that have worked well.

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